Thin Umi Belt - Textured Camel


With its full-grain textured leather double-knot tied around a sober and elegant gold finish buckle, the thin Umi belt is the perfect accessory to emphasize the waist and structure the silhouette.

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Handmade in Ubrique (Spain). Italian full-grain textured calf leather. PVD plated stainless steel buckle with a “Polène” engraving. Leather lining.
Dimensions: Total length: 187,5cm Total width: 1,5 cm First hole: from 130,5cm Hole number: 8 Separation between each hole: 4cm
Our high-quality leather requires very little maintenance. They will develop a patina and become more beautiful over time. As with any leather, avoid contact with water.
Calf leather: you can apply a colorless nourishing milk or cream three times a year.
Storage: when not worn, keep away from light and humidity, taking care not to deform it. It can be padded with tissue paper or newspaper.
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